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Dr. Michael Seitchik has been designing and delivering executive education, executive coaching and executive team dynamics programs to leading companies throughout the world for over twenty-five years.

From 1997 through 2009 he was Managing Director of Executive Education Services at RHR International LLP where he designed custom executive education programs for numerous clients including:

Anheuser Busch-InBev Merck
ARAMARK Pepsi Bottling Group
Best Buy Pfizer

He is currently an Affiliate of RHR International LLP and is their preferred provider of executive education services for their clients.

Prior to working at RHR, for nine years he was the Director of Program Development at the Wharton School's Division of Executive Education. He helped design customized programs for over sixty clients including:

DuPont General Motors
IBM Unisys
KPMG Verizon

In addition, he created many new programs for Wharton including:
The Executive Development Program: The Transition from Functional to General Management
Managing with Ambiguous Authority
Strategic Alliances

He was also co-creator and faculty in Wharton’s Executive Team Dynamics and taught in Managing People.

At Wharton and through his private practice, he has coached over 800 executives. His private practice clients have included executives from:

Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) J&J/Merck
BASF Corporation Lockheed Martin
JP Morgan Chase Unisys
Johnson & Johnson    

Prior to working at Wharton and RHR, he worked at Thomas Jefferson University, one of the nation’s leading academic healthcare centers where he held a number of positions including being the hospital CEO’s chief strategy and cultural change advisor (i.e., the CEO’s “right-hand man”) for three years and the director of mergers and acquisitions for two.

Michael Seitchik’s unique and powerful approach to executive education has been recognized by:
The Wall Street Journal The Globe & Mail
The Financial Times Los Angeles Business Journal
USA Today    

In addition:
The New York Times recognized one of his programs as one of the leading programs for preparing senior executives for the CEO or COO position.
His program, Managing with Ambiguous Authority, was cited by BusinessWeek as one of the three most innovative executive education programs in the world.
His views on leadership and large-scale organizational change have been quoted by BusinessWeek, American Executive, American Banker and the Philadelphia Business Journal.

He received his doctorate in adult education, group dynamics and organizational development from Temple University.  

What Michael Stands For

When he was the chief strategy and cultural change advisor for the CEO of a major 600 bed hospital for several years, he learned a simple truth that has been the foundation of his approach to executive development - No one gives the CEO what they need the most – an honest opinion. While this truth might not be unique, it is what drives his work with clients.

Speaking truth to power is not easy. But when done properly, it is the biggest value a consultant can bring to a client. It is this objective voice that can facilitate the insight or reinforce the decision to make necessary changes in oneself, one’s team or one’s company.

As a result, helping clients challenge their current thinking and assumptions is an important part of his approach.

By holding up a mirror, clients can determine if they like what they see or if they need to make some changes. Only then can clients make informed, intentional decisions about the best way forward.

Dr. Seitchik then works with clients to leverage this commitment to produce real, practical change. By first getting to the heart of the matter, he can work with clients to solve the core issues people and organizations are facing.

Meaningful change takes the courage to look at the truth. It is not always easy, but it produces the best results.

Michael Seitchik’s
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