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Articles written or co-written by Michael Seitchik.

• Fast-Cycling Self-Awareness to Develop Better Leaders
Understanding oneself is a crucial path to developing executives who can make decisions that will grow healthy businesses in the long and the short term. In fact, some research suggests that self-awareness may be the single most important characteristic a leader can develop (George, 2007). This article examines how a computer-based management simulation can be used to produce real insight into how one’s personality, beliefs, social needs and thinking skills interact with each other to drive the conclusions individuals reach on complex issues.

This article was written by Michael Seitchik and Bruce Gresh and appeared in Strategy & People, Volume 33, Issue 3, October 2010.
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• Consulting to Tensions in a Business Joint Venture
While the strategic purpose of a joint venture is to leverage the complementary skills or knowledge in two companies, irrational forces often split apart the very capabilities that need to be integrated for the venture to be successful. This article examines these dynamics and the impact they had on the joint venture.

The article was written by Thomas Gilmore and Michael Seitchik and appeared in Organisational and Social Dynamics, published by Karnac, London, UK’ ‘© Karnac, London, UK.
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• Education Programs Must be Tailored to Your Needs
Executive education programs can be powerful and effective vehicles for change if they are properly designed and linked to other development initiatives. This article presents guidelines for designing and delivery impactful exec ed programs.

This article was written by Michael Seitchik and appeared in the Los Angeles Business Journal.
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• Measuring Leadership Development
Leadership development efforts should be measured - just like any other investment. While the monetary value can’t always be calculated, the process of discussing what can and can’t be measured and determining outcome targets is critical to the success of any program. This article presents some practical tips on measuring the impact of development programs.

This article was written by Michael Seitchik and appeared in RHR International’s Executive Insights newsletter.
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Reproduced with permission of RHR International LLP.

• 2015: Scenarios for the Future of Human Resource Management
This report, which was commissioned by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), explores the future of the Human Resources profession. Based on interviews of experts in human resources, as well as surveys of HR professionals, the report describes 4 different, but plausible future states of the profession.

Michael Seitchik was one of the researchers and authors of this study.
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Media coverage of Michael Seitchik’s services
• The Financial Times, Companies Put Themselves on the Couch A description of how psychologists are helping companies develop leaders.
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The following three articles describe how executive education programs are developing the next generation of CEOs. The articles are largely based on a program developed by Michael Seitchik when he was at RHR International LLP.

The New York Times, Shape out to Ship Up
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USA Today, CEOs of the Future Get Formal Training
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The Wall Street Journal, Building a Better CEO
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