Workshop Topics
Over the past 25 years, Michael Seitchik has designed over 400 different workshops. Listed below is a sample of the workshops he has designed.

Please note that these workshops were taught by a variety of faculty from leading business schools and consulting firms. By picking from a world-wide network of over 150 faculty, Michael is able to select from the best minds available and to offer a complete selection of topics as well as several different approaches to the same topic.

Michael is not bound by one faculty member’s or one consulting firm’s approach to a
topic. As an independent consultant, Michael Seitchik is able to provide the best
minds on a broader array of custom topics than any business school or consulting firm.

Topics he has designed include:

Strategy Creation
Strategic Thinking for Executives: Decision Making in Complex Environments
Strategic Planning: Creating and Implementing a Vision and Strategy
Scenario Planning: Being Prepared for an Uncertain Future
Blue Ocean Strategy: Finding Uncontested Market Space
Competitive Dynamics: What it Takes to Win in the Marketplace
Strategic Alliances: Creating Value From Partnerships

Strategy Execution
Implementing Strategy
Accountability: Clarifying Roles and Authority to Improve Execution
Mergers and Acquisition Integration: Beating What Kills Most Deals
Leading Change: How to Build Sustainable Change in a Constantly Changing World

Top Teams
Executive Decision Making: Making Sound and Effective Decisions
Making Boards More Effective
The Quest for Synergy: Why, Why Not, and How
Centralization & Decentralization: How The Executive Committee Can Determine
the Right Combination
Increasing Alignment in the Senior Management Team

High Potential Development
Developing the Next Generation of C-Suite Executives
High Potential Talent: Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders
Business Acumen: The Integration of Strategy, Finance, Marketing and Operations

Global Leadership
Global Leadership: Leading Across Cultures and Time
Creating a Global Mindset: Leading in a Global Context
Converting Global Presence into a Competitive Advantage
Working Across Cultures: Working and Leading Global Teams

Finance and Accounting: How Finance Supports Strategy
Financial Acumen: How Your Decisions Impact The Bottom Line
Financial Management: Creating Economic Profit

Marketing and Customer Intimacy
Strategic Marketing: Building Competitive Advantage
Brand Management: How to Use Brand Equity as a Competitive Advantage
Building Customer Intimacy: How Leaders Can Sharpen Their Customer Focus
Creating a Customer-Focused Organization

Global Virtual Teams: Not Your Standard Teambuilding
Cross-Divisional Cooperation: Thinking and Leading from the Perspective
of the Enterprise
Building High Performance Teams
Group Decision Making: Creating Engagement and Sound Ideas Without Wasting time
Leading in a Team-Based Environment

Innovation and Creativity
Innovation: Leading Organic Growth
Innovation: Accelerating Growth Through Managing An Entire Growth Portfolio
Innovation Through Creative Collaboration
Innovation: Building a Culture of Innovation
Innovation: Creativity by Taking Risks
Innovation: From the Bottom Up
Customer Driven Innovation

Engaging Leadership: How Senior Executives Can Maximize Buy-In
and Consensus
Managing with Ambiguous Authority: Leading and Working in a Matrix
Internal Influence: Problem Solving and Negotiation Skills with Peers
Executive Influence: Gaining Alignment on Key Issues
Conflict Management: Making Conflict Productive
Giving and Receiving Feedback: How Feedback Can be a Powerful, Positive
Developmental Experience
Managing People: How to Bring Out and Support Maximum Performance
Leadership Styles: How They Impact Others for Better or Worse
Developing Others: Coaching and Mentoring Others for Enhanced Performance
Becoming a Manager of Managers: The Transition from Functional to General Managers

He designs programs that change the way executives think and act.

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  High Potential Development
  Global Leadership
  Marketing & Customer Intimacy
  Innovation and Creativity