Executive Coaching  
Dr. Seitchik works with high potential executives
to facilitate the insights, skills and behaviors needed to:
Develop high potential talent
Successfully transition to a new position
Improve current performance

In addition, he helps companies select the best position candidates by assessing their fit with your success criteria.

Executive coaching is a growing field. A 2007 study of 472 company representatives by The Human Capital Institute and DMB (a global management and coaching firm) estimated that as many as 60 percent of American companies are using the services of executive coaches.

Part of the reason for the growth of coaching is the failure rate of executives. In 2009, Hogan, Hogan and Kaiser reviewed a number of studies on management failure rates and found that “...published estimates of the base rate of managerial failure.... range from 30 to 67 percent, with an average of about 50 percent… Based on the data, we suggest that two thirds of existing managers are insufferable and that half will eventually fail.”

To offset this disturbing finding, it is necessary to help improve a firm’s ability to both hire and retain the best people. Michael agrees with Ed Lawler who states, “Put another way, effective talent management systems don’t just acquire and introduce highly qualified people to the organization – they insure that the fit is right between employee and employer.” (Talent: Making People Your Competitive Advantage)

That is why Michael’s model of executive coaching focuses on assessing the fit between the capabilities of the individual executive and the capability requirements of the position.

Having coached over 800 executives in Fortune 500 companies Dr. Seitchik knows that each situation must be approached differently. The model he has developed helps clients made informed decisions about the type of assessments and coaching they need.

His years of experience as the trusted advisor of the CEO of a major hospital have honed his ability to help make senior executives more effective in high-pressure, rapidly changing environments.

He partners with clients to determine the best approach to assessing and developing the needed skills and behaviors. His goal is to help make executives as effective as possible by being an objective advisor and coach and not to sell a specific instrument or answer.

His views on coaching were featured in a Financial Times article “Companies put themselves on the couch.”
Coaching Network

In addition to Dr. Seitchik, if necessary, we can draw from a network of over 100 experienced executive coaches.

His network includes RHR International LLP with over 50 management psychologists with offices in North America, Europe
and Asia, as well as over 50 experienced independent coaches throughout the United States and Europe. The network includes coaches fluent in: